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Skidpad 0.5

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Good track for tests
Nice! This can be a good place learning how to drift. :D
How to install this mod ?????????
All you need is here.
Thanks !
Very nice practice arena ! thanks to sharing rigel
Thanks for the update.. And thanks for positioning trees so I don't have to update cams... or maybe that was luck! lol
If anyone wants cams for this....
Thanks! Added the link in the overview for this track too :D
I miss a AI drivingline for testing automated topspeed.
Perfect track for practicing drift angles and counter steering amounts.. Also good for setting up a cars gearing and downforce.
It's such a good track that I had to give it some track cameras :-)
Good for testing and learn limits, excelent tool for moders.
Its a very good track for car modding. It sure could be improved a little bit more, the outer ring track is a bit too bumpy at regular intervals and it could also be improved with new test sections, like suspension testing, bumps test with different bumps frequencies´sections, curbs height sections and signs so you dont get lost inside of it:
Yes, it is ugly but very good to learn drifting, it helps me a lot.
It's not a beautiful track for sure but, would be fun to have a kind of a license driving like GT lol !