Simple Tyre Wear Mod V1.0.0

This mod changes the absolute value of tyre wear rate.

  1. ParkYongLee
    This mod changes the absolute value of tyre wear rate. (Backup = 100%)
    Wear rate steps are 5%, beginning at 0% (no tyre wear).

    Installation instructions:

    Copy the chosen tyrecompounds.erp to its belonging position:

    modern cars:
    F1 2017\asset_groups\f1_2017_vehicle_package\tyrecompounds\

    classic cars:
    F1 2017\asset_groups\f1_classic_02_vehicle_package\tyrecompounds\

    This mod was released as it was requested a few times, though the progress can not be saved yet, it may serve people enjoying quickraces/GP for the time being.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Uvis
    Version: V1.0.0
    after installing this mod i got all cars black
  2. Dejan1998
    Version: V1.0.0
    Can you make less tyrewear mod i am playing on keyboard becouse my wheel broken and i find it difficult to match AI in lap times over stints
    1. ParkYongLee
      Author's Response
      That's what the mod does ...
  3. joshua zuch
    joshua zuch
    Version: V1.0.0
    Can you please update it to be with 25% races please
    1. ParkYongLee
      Author's Response
      I don't understand your request. Do you mean more tyre wear for multiple stops in 25% races?
  4. Kevin Amankwah
    Kevin Amankwah
    Version: V1.0.0
    Does what it says, great mod.