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Simple Fantasy Willams F1 1.0

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see my previous update post for detail.

yesterday i uploaded the final ver of the skin but the file hasn't submitted/posted yet. now i try to re-upload it.
new & final update, adding the HD ver :).

these updated skins are little bit different than the first that i uploaded & i added new logo "Symantec" replacing Renault Sport.

seems i won't to make the DHD ver due to some issue(s).

thanks for everyone for helping & giving a very helpful tips/suggestions.
i'll upload some screenshots for the new design/skins tomorrow.
Enjoy. :)

PS : oh don't download the file in the download box. seems the file in the download box is still the first that i uploaded yesterday. you can download THE REAL FILE here -> Williams.rar
just added the PS4 ver. but still in SD, you can take it if you don't mind. i've realized my mistake & i going to re-work the skin again & makes it better on texture quality. seems it would be take a couple of days or even more. i'm so sorry (a beginner's mistake) :(

here, some screenshots about the Sony PS4 ver :