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Sachsenring 1.08

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I used to "meh" Sachsenring. Like, Well it's a good track, but i would choose any other track than this one for a race. That was before this mod. Now it's in my most used without a doubt. It made me love a track i used to have no feeling for, and that is something.
A 5/5, and a thousand thanks for the author of this masterpiece!
Wonderful track and amazing attention to details. Thanks a lot for this beautiful mod.
Amazing work, thank you!
Thanks for the review. I wonder what's holding back the last star? I would like to hear your suggestions to improve it.
The track itself is insanely well made, don't have much else to add to that point, others have said enough already.

Another thing which is really impressive:
Anyone who's ever made a track knows how fiddely CSP can be. Awesome how many features you managed to implement so seemlesly. Nice work!
AMAZING Thanks a lot what a Track all the animations just 1 word ou bring ti live this track at AC Congrats for the amazing Job
An awesome track in many ways.
Thanks for all the effort you have put in this mod Gunnar333
Best regards
Mate you have out done your self the level of detail you have added is so much that this is what paided mod is ment to be level wise with the content this is a must get mod for anyone for even just simply having fun with its a track day or a little drift in the drifting areas outside of the track or just a cruise around every access road
Fantastic! If all track mods were like this one...
ok Thanks
Thanks mate! Beautiful track. Really love it!
Superb top quality track!! In all weather conditions it's eye candy. Also very immersive track details. Thx!
Thank you for a great update for already superb track.
OK guys top-notch. Stuttgart Greetings
Well done. Thank you.
Kunos quality deliverable.
Great work thank you !
A real masterpiece! Thank you very much.
Incredible. Amazing work of you.
Thank you for your excellent work. Brilliant. :)