Ride 2 massive money and token hack 1.00b

Ride 2 massive money and token hack

  1. Alpha Male
    Money and Token Cheats for offline use only.

    Please backup your original data.mix file you will need it if you want to go play online.

    If you want to keep your mod and add this mod you can now:

    1st) extract your data.mix file using "MixFile Remixer" app

    2nd) extract this hack with winrar and replace your file DATA\DB\PLAYERPROFILE folder with DB_PLAYERPROFILEDEFAULTS.BML

    3rd) Use MixFile Remixer to create data.mix

    4th) Copy your new data.mix and put it in original game folder of Ride 2.

Recent Reviews

  1. ChocoPops
    Version: 2016-10-23
    How to keep the mods already installed because it is the same file "data.mix" Unable to several mods then?
    1. Alpha Male
      Author's Response
      Check the file update i posted.
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