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Red Bull Red and Blue 1.0

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Mod Name: RED BULL RED/BL F1 2012 Helmet skin
Mod Author: zelimper
Version: 1
Release Date: 18/04/2013
Category: skins

Homepage: https://www.zelimper.com

2048/2048 Texture update for Gen_17 and Gen_18 helmet in F1 2012

Extract Contents of Archive to
Steam\steamapps/common/ f1 2012 folder, let it overwwrite.
dont forget to back up your original folders.

Gen list , zelimpers helmet's
Gen 18 Red REDBULL
Gen_17 Blue REDBULL
Gen_04 Confederate Texas Motor Oil Grey
Gen_03 Confederate Texas Motor Oil RED

Gen_02 Marco Simoncelli
Gen_16 Rossi 3
Gen 15 Rossi2
Gen_14 Porsche
Gen_13 Pink floyd
Gen_9 Gulf3
Gen_8 Gulf2
Gen_7 Gulf
Gen_10 JD B/W
Gen_11 JD Y/B
Gen_5 Rossi1
Gen_6 jupiler skin
Gen_23 Marco Simoncelli Tribute
Gen 12 Toro Rosso


ML2166 for the 3D template
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