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Realistic T-Cam Mod 1.1

Realistic T-Cam Mod for F1 2013

  1. ContinueLP
    Realistic T-Cams for all cars!
    Hope you like it! :)
    Only the offset Cam is changed!
    2014-03-16_00003.jpg 2014-03-16_00004.jpg 2014-03-16_00006.jpg 2014-03-16_00007.jpg 2014-03-16_00009.jpg 2014-03-16_00010.jpg 2014-03-16_00012.jpg 2014-03-16_00013.jpg 2014-03-16_00014.jpg 2014-03-16_00015.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. gVegas66
    Version: 1.1
    Most accurate T-Cams I've found. Well done and hope to see more!
  2. LPsamir
    Version: 1.0