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RALLYCROSS PEUGEOT 208 WRX 18-19 20190727

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Latest reviews

keep getting mesh errors why
great update.
Driving @ Tykki Kouvola Finland is so much fun :)

excellent job, i enjoy it, thanks for your work
Please Peugeot 2018 as well
Great car, but I cannot find it in the car menu....:-/
Where do I put it? I already had the Polo but with a new clean install that's gone and I dunno where I put that one.
If I put Series and gamedate in Automobilista root folder, they don't show up in the menu(?)
this is awesome :) I'm already cleaning the dust from my server machine ;) thank you!!
Great mod, thanks a lot for this. These cars are so much fun to drive.
조롱이님 안녕하세요. edenM 입니다.
지속적으로 활동하고 계셨군요. 한동안 안보여서
이제 그만 하시나 했어요.
사실 차량물리, 피드백 전문적인 지식하나 없지만
오프로드 좋아한다는 마음 하나로 지금 이 시기까지 와 있네요. 조롱이님 보니 기분 좋아 주저리 였습니다.
기회가 된다면 AMS 장점 가페에 소개 부탇합니다.
네ㅎㅎ..부족하지만 하나하나 해보고 있습니다.
서스펜션좀 건드려보고 있는데 어느정도 되면 카페에 올려보겠습니다.
Ok, after many years in RBR I didn't expect any good gravel physics and car in race sims.
But woooooow! I don't know if the physic is 100% real..but who cares. The new Polo feels absolutely fantastic! So much fun to drive. It does what you expect and for me, it's one of the best car through simulators. I'm looking forward for another update. Great work man!
Dude, the Polo now is so much better than my original VRX physics! It drives AWESOME and it looks STUNNING!!!!
Very wonderful! But Audi's cockpit is disappointing.
Pretty darn good.
Love the car. Thank you very much for sharing>
i luv rally x, nice work.
Average graphics but awesome handling, great fun of driving!
Audi and Polo working fine, Ford has the same issue as I had earlier: only the center screen (of my triple setup) works, both side screens are plain grey... !?
I did the original physics of the VRX mod for rfactor (which I guess it's used by this model): this car looks great, maybe you could just make the front and rear track a little wider, this looks good to me.

Also, it would be nice to have a passenger in the seat for ridealongs and the possibility to remove it to have a race day spec.

@Robin_NL 4wd sucks with realfeel plugin, disable it with ctrl+2(keypad)
Thanks ... working on
Rear body wider, blue reflective sticker
Do you know much about physics engines?
I need someone to make improvements.
Mitsubishi Lancer Rally Cross vehicle looks like a smooth suspension.
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