Which game for the Olympic Virtual Series?

  • Assetto Corsa

    Votes: 107 21.4%
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Votes: 162 32.5%
  • rFactor 2

    Votes: 63 12.6%
  • iRacing

    Votes: 87 17.4%
  • Formula One

    Votes: 18 3.6%
  • Gran Turismo Sport

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  • Other

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R.S.01 by acm modding team 0.8.9

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After a very long wait here finally the return of our MOD R.S.01

  • - Artist 3D: body alias jimmy
    - Artist 2D: body/jimmy & TTGuSS
    - Skins: TTGuSS
    - Physics: Pat2611
    - Sound: Pat2611
This is Trophy version not a GT3

+ Remove old version, please.

+ SFX patch without brake whistle


- Back to the old gearbox more real
- Very light touch on the aero
- Setting blinking leds of motec
- New livery added

- New shader adjustments rear traction strap
- Fixes on aero, differential and alignment
- New baseline setup

- New sunshade shader settings
- Update skins
- Update templates

- Known issues: Former driver, no damage glazing.
- Passage of all textures into DDS conforming to AC.
- Optimization of Lod B and C

+ 4K version Here
+ Template Here

Latest updates

  1. Gear Box Update

    V0.8.9 14/01/2018 - Back to the old gearbox more real - Very light touch on the aero - Setting...
  2. LODs Error

    Fix an error with LODs
  3. Shaun Clarke Update

    - Fix on mirrors (adjusted resolution) - Editing front lights texture for flagship feature in...

Latest reviews

it's very good nice
Upvote 0
One of the good mods for assetto corsa
Upvote 0
This is everything I want from a car: it's fast and handles like a dream. Breaking is excellent, and it looks so cool.
Upvote 0
This car feels great it's an absolute pleasure to drive and it looks fantastic. cheers buddy
Upvote 0
Very nice!
Upvote 0
sound, handling, realism
Upvote 0
The car is well modeled and fun to drive, but the template link doesn't work. Could you please update it?
Upvote 0
thx a lot for your work . bravo
Upvote 0
big thanks
Upvote 0
Great mod, highly details and such fun to drive. Many thanks!
Upvote 0
Thanks for the work.
Top mod.
Upvote 0
superb mod
Upvote 0
I love this mod. Not to hard to control and good for AI racing.
Upvote 0
Awesome stuff, but...
I have a transparancy issue with body map (0.89) Lastest ?
Am I alone ? any Idea, cause it's a really great mod.
Upvote 0
great work
Upvote 0
Incredible mod. My favourite car by far. Looks great, handles brilliantly....sounds awesome and accelerates like a thoroughbred. Well done.
Upvote 0
Superb mod ...thank you all for your time :)
Upvote 0
This is one fun car to drive...very 'believable'. When it steps out, catching the slide feels as it does with my own car. I love the handling. It just feels right. No crazy canned spins etc... just good solid driving. I do have one niggle...my wipers stop momentarily on every sweep when deployed
Upvote 0
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
Upvote 0
OMG just discovered this superb free renault rs01 model. What a beauty and joy to drive. Pure racing monster. Thank you!
Upvote 0
File size
70.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 97 ratings

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