HTC Vive
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R.S.01 by acm modding team 0.8.9

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After a very long wait here finally the return of our MOD R.S.01

  • - Artist 3D: body alias jimmy
    - Artist 2D: body/jimmy & TTGuSS
    - Skins: TTGuSS
    - Physics: Pat2611
    - Sound: Pat2611
This is Trophy version not a GT3

+ Remove old version, please.

+ SFX patch without brake whistle


- Back to the old gearbox more real
- Very light touch on the aero
- Setting blinking leds of motec
- New livery added

- New shader adjustments rear traction strap
- Fixes on aero, differential and alignment
- New baseline setup

- New sunshade shader settings
- Update skins
- Update templates

- Known issues: Former driver, no damage glazing.
- Passage of all textures into DDS conforming to AC.
- Optimization of Lod B and C

+ 4K version Here
+ Template Here
File size
70.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.74 star(s) 88 ratings

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    V0.8.9 14/01/2018 - Back to the old gearbox more real - Very light touch on the aero - Setting...
  2. LODs Error

    Fix an error with LODs
  3. Shaun Clarke Update

    - Fix on mirrors (adjusted resolution) - Editing front lights texture for flagship feature in...
  4. Update V0.8.6

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Latest reviews

Thanks for the work.
Top mod.
superb mod
I love this mod. Not to hard to control and good for AI racing.
Awesome stuff, but...
I have a transparancy issue with body map (0.89) Lastest ?
Am I alone ? any Idea, cause it's a really great mod.
great work
Incredible mod. My favourite car by far. Looks great, handles brilliantly....sounds awesome and accelerates like a thoroughbred. Well done.
Superb mod ...thank you all for your time :)
This is one fun car to drive...very 'believable'. When it steps out, catching the slide feels as it does with my own car. I love the handling. It just feels right. No crazy canned spins etc... just good solid driving. I do have one wipers stop momentarily on every sweep when deployed
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
OMG just discovered this superb free renault rs01 model. What a beauty and joy to drive. Pure racing monster. Thank you!
Looks great. Fun to drive, thanks.
Car feels and looks wonderful, base-game quality easily.
Perfect renault
Great Mod.. handling and sounds perfect
Well done, very fun to drive. Thank you!
This mod is amazing, very well done in all domains !
Thank you very much for it and the share. ;-)
cheers, great work.
Thx excellent work keep up
I've just run a race with this car and found it awesome. Very quick but pretty friendly with good handling..
A must have mod!
very good car
Very good work, what a fun car to drive !
Thx Good job
I can't stop driving this awesome mod! Graf, physic, everything is unbeliveble good!
My T300 wheel got orgasm from FFB effects! :D
Thank for Your work Pset!
Real good job. No matter with the brakes for me.
Thanks to share
Je suis fan de vôtre mod, mais j'ai des réserves sur la gestion du freinage (blocages intempestifs)
Extraordinary work on eveything ! really pro level.....unfortunately, as usual, physics needs so much work, too much grip, too much aéro, laptimes are 8-10sec faster then IRL...
Don't get me wrong, your work is wonderfull, and I deeply respect it, the update get the car behaviour better than previous version, but still perfectible in terms of physics...(hopefully way better than thousands of mods here)
Kunos standard exceeded by a long way. Sublime. Thanks.
Excellent car! No damage but otherwise perfect.
A GT3 version would be awesome in the future.