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Porsche 997 GT3 RSR - WEC #77 1.1 4K

Team Felbermayr Proton

  1. 4K Rework

    -General improvement with 4K resolution.
    -New tyre pack.


    1. Screenshot_porsche_997gt3rsr_snetterton2011_14-9-115-16-32-9.jpg
    2. Screenshot_porsche_997gt3rsr_snetterton2011_14-9-115-16-33-25.jpg
  2. Improvements

    -Added FRIEDSPED logo on rear wing (replicated original).
    -PANTACOM font on trunk replicated.
    -Felbermayr logo on right side of the car improved as much as possible.
    -Better color tones on both livery and number squares(they were so shiny now more saturated and readeble).
    -Many improvements on livery. It is same as the original now.
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