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Porsche 911 RSR 2017 Sound Mod 1.5

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V1.5 Released!
-updated the center exhaust sounds with new idle sample, new gearshift sample and eq adjustments, as well as bodywork sounds.
-new onboard cam sound option for center exhaust sound
-all new 2020 RSR side exhaust sounds


V1.3.1 released!
-New more accurate internal upshift, mid and high rev sounds
-New more accurate external high rev sounds (means better sounding flybys)
-External approach volume adjustments (and a fix for a silly mistake I made when setting the pitch of one approach sample)
-Bodywork sounds
-Fixed click/pop on one of the samples in V1.3
-Added external high pitch noise upon acceleration


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4.89 star(s) 214 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 2020 RSR side exhaust sounds and more!

  2. Hotfix for a click/pop in one of the samples

    Enjoy a click/pop free mid rev sample inside the car!
  3. Various improvements

    Changelog: -New more accurate internal upshift, mid and high rev sounds -New more accurate...
  4. New externals and onboard improved onboard camera sounds

    long overdue update Changelog -new external sounds -tweaked onboard camera sounds enjoy!
  5. New onboard sounds, improved externals

    V1.1 Changelog -All changes were made to new exhaust sound only. No update on the old exhaust...

Latest reviews

Please leave a detailed guide on how to install
can anyone explain how to put these new files in sfx
absoultesl stunning and excellent work. Thank you so much!
sounds amazing on video however how do I install these? There are three folders, separate exhaust, rear exhaust and side. I can only have one set of GUID and bank files in the SFX folder...for example i cant install both cockpit sounds and onboard sounds at the same time?
Hi, no unfortunately you can't. That's just assetto corsa

Pick one and install it. When you get bored, change to another one
sounds amazing but i dont get any sounds when i pop the file into my sfx folder for the 911 rsr. could you please give me a dummy guide to installing without using content manager?
Be sure you're putting the files in the kunos 911 rsr.

Also be sure you're using the correct guids file with the correct bank.

Otherwise you're doing it right
This is crazy! Mad respect
Fantastic job. Thank you. !!!
Just wow. I didn't think it could get better, but it did. Fantastic work.
Super update .. lovely update.... i would say its now perfekt... when you hear the sound.. best we have at this moment TOP +++
Possibly THE best sound mod available for AC. Was waiting months for the new exhaust sounds and you nailed them. Sadly I'm having an issue, and it's that I can't hear the 2019-2020 exhaust sounds, with the open exhaust ones i have no trouble, but with the new ones, the car is completely mute
Hi, sorry to hear that. Make sure that when you switch to the 2020 sounds, you replace the guids as well as the .bank

That's the only thing I can think of
Excellent work as usual, thanks for sharing your long awaited work with us. 5 stars but I have an issue though with some of your mods. In fact, I don't hear clearly the gear shift sounds like in your videos, especially with this Porsche and Nissan. Sometimes I hear audio crackling or no effect at all. Can't blame your amazing work for that !
Fantastic as expected, keep up the good work. On a side note any chance of a mod for the URD Aston Martin Vantage GTE 2012 it needs some ACFAN assistance

Will consider it for the future
Again great job. People like you keep AC alive!
Cool. It sound´s like porsche is coming back to its roots - the good old 996 RSR
You do the best work. Thank you for these.
AC FAN: Enable dashcam sound in cockpit view.
Must have Sound mod
The sound guy! Bravo, as usual
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