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PIRC full circuit 0.2 alpha

Includes new south track expansion - opening 7/10/15

  1. Mike Ferchak
    The team at PIRC provided me with all of the elevation and CAD data for the new expansion, which I combined with USGS topographical data and satellite imagery.

    This is the first track I've ever done, so easy on me in the comments, and enjoy!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bob Peirce
    Bob Peirce
    Version: 0.2 alpha
    Since they added the south course PIRC is the only track I drive. This sim is amazingly close for the track but not for the surroundings. In particular, many of the brake markers are missing and the texture is too uniform to find substitutes. Some of the markers I use are there but not all. Let's hope this doesn't stop at 0.2!
  2. steelers743
    Version: 0.2 alpha
    Track is very accurate so far! Hope to see more updates. This has helped me a ton learning the new part of the circuit. Keep on working on it!
  3. tetzip
    Version: 0.2 alpha
    It's still WIP but already fun to drive on!
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