pCarsResult 1.30

You can generate result of multiplayer race by using this tool.

  1. policeofficer110
    This is the tool get Race-Event-Log from Dedicated Server of Project CARS.
    You can generate result of the race by using this tool.

    Sample of result <http://simresults.net/150712-vd0>


    [ How to use ]

    1. Edit "server.cfg" file of Dedicated Server, change the value to "enableHttpApi : true".
    See below for more information.

    2. Start Dedicated Server, and play multiplayer race.

    3. After race, use pCarsResult.exe to get the Race-Event-Log.
    Race-Event-Log is created into the following place.
    exe's folder\ResultLog\yyyymmdd_hhmmss\pCarsResult_yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss_Race1.txt

    4. Visit Simresults website, and generate the Results using the Race-Event-Log.
    -- Simresults <http://simresults.net> --

    5. Stop the Dedicated Server.
    ( If Dedicated Server is stopped before execute pCarsResult.exe, you can't get
    the Race-Event-Log. )

    [ Known issue ]
    * Practice is not supported. Practice and Warmup are recognized as Qualify by Simresults.
    * Not support "same name users".
    * Not support "Disqualified".

Recent Reviews

  1. Dennis
    Version: 1.30
    A must have tool for everyone running organized events in Project Cars!