Pack X7 - Porsche GT3-R-Hybrid v1.0

Pack X7 - Porsche GT3-R-Hybrid v1.0 2015-01-04

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Hi all, a replic of the Porsche 911 GT3-R model "Hybrid" this time!

I also added + 6 colors,...for more fun !?! :p

- Orange (original color)
- Blue
- Green
- Grey
- Pink
- Red
- Yellow

of course you can choose what color you want install or all in the same time...^^

Skin 4K resolution with all respective sponsors.



for use them, you must have the (EGT mods) créated by "UnitedRacingDesign"

you can find it there:





05.jpg 01.jpg 05.jpg 04.jpg 03.jpg 05.jpg

Latest reviews

really nice thanks
Nice Work,Many Thanks.
Thanks a lot!
decent paintjob!
Beautiful skin pack, I must have that URD pack, damn!!
Fantastic! Thank you for this pack
woow. thx mate. great skin.
Great L00king skins! Thanks so much..................................=)
YW Guys, with pleasure. thx all ;)

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