P4/5c Gulf LeMans '70

P4/5c Gulf LeMans '70 2.0

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This skinset is the recreation of the famous Gulf liveries of the JWA-Team from the 24h of Le Mans 1970. Each of the three cars is included as an original Porsche version and an P4/5c matching Ferrari version. You could pick your favorite from the 'Porsche' or 'Ferrari' folder. Each car has the matching helmets of the drivers as listed below.

Car no. 20 - Jo Siffert - Switzerland
Car no. 21 - Pedro Rodriguez - Mexico
Car no. 20 - Mike Hailwood - Great Britain


v 1.5: correction of light blue and orange colors to match the real Gulf livery

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Latest updates

  1. P4/5c Gulf Lemans '70

    v 2.0: reworked Firestone tire textures, updated driver & pit textures to AC 1.1 standards

Latest reviews

Thank you!
Nice video mate!
Great to get reviews after more than 3 years after the Releases.
Nice Gulf liveries, good work. Thanks 4 sharing.
So Cool !
Gorgeous skin! Thanks!
Nice one, Thank you!!
what can I say big fan
Great Skin!
Love this Livery from the 70's
Hope you do one for the RUF's when they get here :)
What a pack! Thanks!

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