OSD Transparent 1.0

OSD Tranparent 1.0

  1. micmiller
    This is my first mod for you, I hope you like it. sorry for my bad english ... I'm writing with Google Translator. (I'm from Germany) A video of the OSD is in the RAR file and running with the Media Player. A video will be uploaded on Youtube. Video comes later.

    DRS does not blink, only changes from light green to green transparent.

Recent Reviews

  1. vlasovas
    Version: 1.0
    good Work !
  2. Milos
    Version: 1.0
    It is nicely done for what it says, but the text blends with the enviroment. Like the time counter that was also white like the cloud in the sky.
    1. micmiller
      Author's Response
      unfortunately this is so, but the transparent OSD is good for Cockpitcam. I have made everything except the lap time is on. I'm only going over mirror and my ears.
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