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No Car Crash 1.0

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This is a mod that prevents you from crashing your car. Here is how to use it:

When you are about to lose control of your car, push and hold space bar. Your vehicle will lock in place and completely stop moving. Then, push the brake to stop the wheels from spinning. Lastly, release the space bar to unlock the position of your vehicle. Then you can keep driving.
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Latest reviews

nice mod its useful:)
Great mod and it works legit. But there is one issue and it's not the creator fault unless he can somehow fix it but doesn't need to. Whatever loose items you will be storing in your car like beer case, ratchet kit or whatever, IT WILL fly through the car and then you have to go and pick it up.
Yes, it is true that the items will fly out of the car. Just to clear some confusion, I am the creator. Iwin212 and Jimmy Coe are the same guy; me.

I do have a fix for the items flying out. If you use the inventory mod and set it to maximum capacity (50 items) you can probably carry everything and it won't fly out.
it is very useful when trying to take that one sharp turn on a keyboard but does not help when dam yellow car is racing you
this mod is useful for the rally

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