New 2021 RedBull Livery (Car and Suit)

New 2021 RedBull Livery (Car and Suit) 1.2

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Hello people,

Hereby I present the 2021 RedBull Livery without AstonMartin decal and some new sponsors including the new 2021 sponsor Heineken. (I can't get the telcel decal on the front wing, mabye someone can help with it)
I also changed the driver suit and helmet visor to the 2021 version.

Use Copy/Paste to change the RedBull livery and decal.

Let me know what you think of it and don't forget to donate if you like this.


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Latest updates

  1. Update

    I added: - Changes to the 2021 driver suit - Changes to the 2021 helmet visor
  2. fixed sponsors and added copy/paste

    I added copy/paste in this version. Also deleted the IBM sponsor on the car replacing it by the...