My Summer Car Cheat Engine File 1.1

A cheat engine file for My Summer Car

  1. Deacon
    Cheat Engine file for My Summer Car. This file works with the current (as of March 28, 2017) version of My Summer Car.

    **This is an updated version of this file re-uploaded with permission.

    To use double click the mysummercar.ct file to open it in cheat engine then point cheat engine to the My Summer Car game process.

    Elements that can be modified in game.
    - Urine
    - Hunger
    - Thirst
    - Fatigue
    - Dirtiness
    - Money

    Please Note: Cheat Engine is required for this to work.

Recent Reviews

  1. DmitrySh
    Version: 1.1
    Update ? its just what i need, just lock needs, not to turn them off. But it needs to be updated
  2. zerobob
    Version: 1.1
    does not work
  3. LewetPenny
    Version: 1.1
    I mean, dont get me wrong, but msceditor is way better
    , and has an easier platfrom than ce
    1. Deacon
      Author's Response
      Yes msceditor is great for editing your save but as far as I know it does not allow you to change stuff while in game. The main reason I use the cheat table is so that I can play as long as I want without having to worry about hunger/fatigue/etc.
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