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Mugello Update 2015 1.0

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Corrected Kerbs (color, reflection, bump)
Corrected Tarmac texture and dirt map
Corrected synthetic parts
Corrected Sponsors
Corrected Sand and grass


How to install:

Make a backup copy of your mugello.mix in your MotoGP'14 folder
extract mugello.mix on your desktop and copy the TRACKS folder over the TRACKS default folder
overwrite all files.
then in the mixfileremixer: create new mix file, select your TRACKS folder (Make sure Internatal
filepath is TRACKS\MUGELLO
Then choose Mugello.mix in your game folder and click Pack new mixfile

Have fun

Latest updates

  1. Corrected filepath

    Fixed the filepath of the folder I posted, I forgot to include the Location folder (Mugello)...

Latest reviews

Jonix thank you very much for your good and great job on this circuit
I have even redone this mod (better textures)for MotoGP15 but I'm too lazy to uload the new one...Thanks anyway
Superb work, no question! Looking forward to those and more for MotoGP '15!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! We'll see when '15 comes out