MSC Colored Gauges 1.0

(RPM Gauge, Speedometer, Extra Gauges, Clocks, Mixture Gauge)

  1. viugo
    Colored Gauges


    Using Unity Asset Explorer, select "Open Assets-file" and open an sharedassets3. After the load is done, right click on the files you will be replacing with my files and select "Extract This File". All texture files will be type "Texture: 2D"(.tex). Your extracted file will be found in a folder next to UAE's executable corresponding to the asset file name. Replace them with my files. To import it back, right click the files in Unity Asset Explorer and select "Import this file from DDS". After you are done, select "Save assets-file" and overwrite the .assets file. For better explanation here is the Game Hard 4.0´s video about installation of mods :

    Made by: viugo



    1. Gauges1.png

Recent Reviews

  1. nonono
    Version: 1.0
    Good, looks very nice.
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