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MP4-12C GT3 - The Flaming Skulls 2014-08-11

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This is "The Flaming Skulls" theme I created for the McLaren MP4-12C GT3. I hope you like it. I wanted to make an homage to Ayrton Senna, so I've put a Senna's quote on the back. I'm from Brazil and it was a very sad day for all the world, but specially for the Brazilians when Senna died. He's a legend and deserve to be remembered. The "Crop Dust" is a funny reference to a friend, his name is speedcrc :)
And Globalalien is the gaming community I make part, I'm proud to wear the -=GA=- tags when I'm gaming. Thanks guys and I appreciate your feedback!
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Latest reviews

excellent work carlos ,another skin for the -=GA=- team too,and a Ode to Senna Too,even better,will post mine on here when im happy its a senna inspired ferrari 599
Carlos Panades
Carlos Panades
Thank you a lot Andy, give me a shout when you are done with that skin! Would like to check it, seeya!
Very good skin and Senna was the best of the best, always nice to see him being remembered. Nice creative style.
Carlos Panades
Carlos Panades
Thanks a lot mate, I agree, Senna is a legend and will be forever!
Real good quality Carlos!! Good job!
Carlos Panades
Carlos Panades
Thank you speedcrc!
"Route 666" made my day;). Drive the Agip Zakspeed . But now your Skin is my favourite. Will download if i be at home. THX
Carlos Panades
Carlos Panades
Glad you like it mate!
Nice and very good quality
Carlos Panades
Carlos Panades
Thanks a lot!