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Moto2 Kalex My Team Career Repsol Catalunya Caixa

Moto2 Kalex My Team Career Repsol Catalunya Caixa 1

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This is my 1th mod for motogp21, it is a my team career mod. It replaces the kalex moto2 dhl team.

the mod will be updated ( not sure when )

Future updates:

Team name will be changed into Repsol Catalunya Caixa ( it's still DHL at the moment )

Mechanic skins will be tweaked ( repsol logo on front and back don't connect, will change that )

Alpinestar suite will be tweaked ( wasn't able to clean the lines will try to do that )

Pit box logo's ( it is still DHL but when i know how to change that, i will change it in Repsol )

NOTE: use the same colours as shown in those 3 pictures, or you won't have the best result.
The rim colours are by youre own choice but the bike and suite needs to be the same as in the pictures.

colours suite.png colour bike.png colour rims.png

To see gameplay with Alpinestar and Dianese suite watch my video from youtube ( Dianese is shown at the end of the video and Alpinestar early in the video )

Latest reviews

bro, this livery was a banger, huge thanks. any ideas for other classic moto2 liveries? maybe Salom's SAG livery
I really would love to do that, but my game isn't up-to date.

So i'll have to wait till my game is up-to date with the current version.
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Great mod, can't wait for updates!
Thanks for the reply, currently working on the team name and tweaking the alpinestar suite ;)
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