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Mosport Park 2012 (Canada) 1.2

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This is the original circuit created by Frank Alexander and modified by me, with new textures road, a new grip, skies for version 1.38 of GSC and other optimizations.
Thanks to Frank Alexandre for this wonderful work.

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Latest reviews

Love the flow and elevation changes, nice job! A track you don't see much but it's a shame as it's a very challenging track.
super bon son
A bit inacurate on track modelling (comparing with what I see on TV and iRacing) and still needs an update on some textures to be worth of GSC standard (pit stop ares for example). The road textures are really good though, among others. I'm very critical on mods in general, so dont take me too much seriously, but I see this track as a limit of what we can use on GSC.

Despite everything I said, that's the best Mosport available outise iRacing world I could see so far.