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More powerful engines mod 1.0

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This mod makes engines more powerful by three times. With this mod, you could easily reach speed of 360 at Monza without DRS or slipstream :). Good corner exit is crucial here, because of the much bigger straight-line speeds of the cars ;). Have fun :thumbsup:

NOTE: This will overwrite any database mod you own.
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Latest reviews

not working its like ****
Should be great if you include your more powerful engines mod and Bolt95's Realistic Car Performance& AI Mod
what did u change in the database?
It's a realy cool mod great! :) :D
i'll try thanks
Luka Roksic 11
Thanks to you for your review :)
Dont like the fact it overwrites database mods
Luka Roksic 11
Thanks for the honest review. You can always backup your previous databese mods ;)
will this mess up my savegame? i would like to give it a go if it doesent
Luka Roksic 11
It didn't messed mine :). Thanks for 5 stars :).