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Monaco Texture Mod V. 1.2 R Part 2 1.5

complete graphics overhaul for monaco circuit

  1. NeffO76
    Hi ,
    the new version is done. It´s really good now.
    This is version 1.2 R the releaseversion

    Part 2 of the texturemod

    Here is part 2 of my monaco texturemod. I will upload screenshots in wet conditions soon. I´m now modding the singapore track. When you any failures in my texturemod write me a message.
    Sorry I couldn´t replace the red F1 2014 Banner with the Original Monte Carlo Casino Banner. I have designed a new version. The reason for that is the texture mesh is to small for the bigger banner.
    That is the only way I found to replace the old banner.

    Install Instructions:

    Copy the files in your Main Direction. Make a backup from the original files. Look at the drive wwhere stam is installed. Copy the files in this direction.

    Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2014

    I´m using a higher Level of Detail for this version. When you have a midware system you can use it. I´m playing in 4k with nvidia mfaa with 80-120 Frames.

    I have a high end rig. But in the past i had a midware system and it runs constantly with 60 Frames.

    features releaseversion 1.2:
    - all building colours looks more then the original buildings
    - 2k and a little bunch of 4k textures. (but not real 4k some details on the historical buildings.
    - better casino texture then in the previous version
    - better texture for the background buildings
    - fixed Monte Carlo Banner
    - sharper more detailed textures
    - better landscape textures
    - darker crisp tunnel textures and lighting
    - more colourful backgroundtextures for the buildings over the mountains
    - better real lighting postprocessing texture
    - better colours for pitlane buildings
    - more detailed ornaments on the hotel and casino building
    - better sun effect
    - upscaled textures for the trees and Landscape and better looking grass and stone textures

    bugs: /

Recent Reviews

  1. igearzone16
    Version: 1.5
    5 *****!!!!