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Monaco Texture Mod V. 1.2 R Part 1 1.85

complete graphics overhaul for monaco circuit

  1. NeffO76
    The middark version is a hommage on GP4 track lighting. I prefer this version.


    I have worked again on the monaco textures, because I have new texture programs. In the upload are my postprocessing files and lighting files of the graphics overhaul mod. You will see a little difference on all tracks with the update. Now I can change the texture postprocessing without a compression reduction and without artifacts. I must do this for all the other tracks for the next version of my graphics overhaul mod. This are the last versions that I can upload, because I must go in hospital in march. and can´t mod for a long time. My right hand must be opreated. It´s my working hand. the wrist want be stiff like a broomstick. I can´t never move my armwrist. I hopy I can work with this stiff wrist.

    It gives to parts of the mod again. The size is higher then the previous version. It´s now a 7zip archiv for both parts. The compressionrate of the files is better. The files are have unpacked a size of 869 MB.

    Features of the update:

    - reworked building textures with better colours and lighting effects on textures
    - reworked more natural looking trees with more highlights and deeper shadows
    - better grasstextures
    - better more real looking sponsorbillboards
    - reworked truck and safety van textures
    - better tarmac and curbtextures
    - more real looking tunnel lighting
    - better overall lighting than in previous version
    - no more flat looking background buildings
    - better postprocessing with darker shadows
    - better sun effects and better skytexture then in previous version
    - more natural blue sky
    -more realistic lighting in rain

    3 versions of postprocesiing texture
    2 versions of lighting

    New Install Instructions:

    Unzip the Zip Archives. Copy all in your F1 2014 Main gamefolder. When you want another lighting or postprocessing you must copy the postprocessing folder in the folders postprocess middark shadows or darker shadows and brighter light in your monaco trackfolder. When you want the other lightversion you must copy the lightingfiles of the lighting 2 folder in your monaco folder. When you want the old sky copy the sky file in the monaco folder in the folder old sky.

    Thats all.

    I have looked on real track videos of F1 Grand Prix and on the old game F1 GP 4. The Light of this old masterpiece looks more real than the default light of F1 2014.

    I hope you like it.

    Part 2


    New screenshots: Mixed darker postprocessing and middark

    New Screenshots are in the updates section in both new uploads.

    Hi ,
    the new version is done. It´s really good now.
    This is version 1.2 R the releaseversion

    Part 1 of the texturemod

    On Wednesday I will upload Screenshots in Wer Conditions in the part 2 of the texturemd

    I´m very proud of the result it comes very near at the look of the original track now.
    I found something interesting. The original designers from CM had used the same photos. When i scaled the textures i was wondering how can it be. I´ve used over 20 Photos for the look of the casino. Now I can understand why CM had no new textures created for the old buildings. It cost much time. I´m so sorry that I can´t use Normalmaps because the building textures has no Normals. I have used a relieffilter for some textures to look like fake normals but it does notz look like original Normalmaps.

    Comment or rate my new version.
    THX , Sorry for my stuttering english. I´m a german.

    nothing more to say. I hope you like my work. ;)

    I´m using mods for the screenshots

    F1 Sim 2016 from igearzone

    Install Instructions:

    Copy the files in your Main Direction. Make a backup from the original files. Look at the drive wwhere stam is installed. Copy the files in this direction.

    Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2014

    I´m using a higher Level of Detail for this version. When you have a midware system you can use it. I´m playing in 4k with nvidia mfaa with 80-120 Frames.

    I have a high end rig. But in the past i had a midware system and it runs constantly with 60 Frames.

    features releaseversion 1.2:
    - all building colours looks more real then the original buildings
    - 2k and a little bunch of 4k textures. (but not real 4k some details on the historical buildings.
    - better casino texture then in the previous version
    - better texture for the background buildings
    - fixed Monte Carlo Banner
    - sharper more detailed textures
    - better landscape textures
    - darker crisp tunnel textures and lighting
    - more colourful backgroundtextures for the buildings over the mountains
    - better real lighting postprocessing texture
    - better colours for pitlane buildings
    - more detailed ornaments on the hotel and casino building
    - better sun effect
    - upscaled textures for the trees and Landscape and better looking grass and stone textures

    bugs: /

    I have changed the screenshots with newer ones from Version 1.3


    1. f1_2014-2016-01-21-10-29-53-09.jpg
    2. f1_2014-2016-01-21-10-30-34-73.jpg
    3. f1_2014-2016-01-21-10-31-01-90.jpg
    4. f1_2014-2016-01-21-10-33-05-80.jpg
    5. f1_2014-2016-01-21-17-18-25-20.jpg
    6. f1_2014-2016-01-21-17-19-04-21.jpg
    7. f1_2014-2016-01-21-17-19-40-25.jpg
    8. f1_2014-2016-01-23-22-11-50-51.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Dmitry Sorokin
    Dmitry Sorokin
    Version: 1.7
    Nice Work!
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      Thank you, in my complete update is amodified version of 1.7. But the upload takes a while.
  2. YeBossKiller
    Version: 1.6
    Love this Montecarlo! I think it's better that n F1 2015's Monaco GP! Thank so much.
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      I will Upload a complete reworked version with a lot better looking textures and blinding sun behind the tunnel exit. This version looks a lot better. Thank you for your rating again.
  3. igearzone16
    Version: 1.5
    watch this vid, you should see many new textures, from 3 d max, some completely new buildings and the tunnel is updated, you have my go ahead, to use any textures from ReVision3 to update these tracks, I gave you the download, but you can download it again the link is on the f1 sim download page.. when I have time, I will give you textures for the tracks I didn't do, you are doing a great job, and if you would like your tracks in the sim, with full credit of-course for each track, I will give you all the textures for all the tracks... and the lighting files. which will probably have to configure together. testing different lighting options.. I am glad you learned how to do this, because its a pain, you are the only other person who understands the textures and what each texture is, after a while, you wont even need the names. you will see a piece of a wall, and you will know exactly where and what it is.. FANTASTIC JOB, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK..
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      That would be awesome. We can create the best F1 mod ever.
  4. darioqw
    Version: 1.3
    What a great job, increasingly real congratulations
    1. NeffO76
      Author's Response
      Thank you again.I found out that the graphic of F1 2013 has more details as the F1 2014 . Especially the gras detail and the Lighting is better. I´m looking now what I can do to bring the graphics back to the details of 2013. I missed the grass on brazil track. The singapur flyer has a better lightmap in 2013 and some skyscraper. In 2014 they are blurry textures in 20113 they are good crisp textures. I think they want push F 12015 Game. The last ego engine isn´t so bad look at dirt rally or Grid Autosport. A good racing graphic isn´t good for me when all is blinking and all is blurred and bloomed to the max. Project cars has a good Lighting System but the Light is to bright on most of the tracks. It burns my eyes. Sorry for that big reply and thank you so much for your rating. :)
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