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Melbourne (2 Seasons, DRS) 2.10

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Melbourne overhaul with updated road shaders, 3D walls, improved pitlane, and added garage details.

Hello AMS racers,

Here we have another intensive track rebuild.

Melbourne Albert Park v2 for AMS

New track surface rebuilt from scratch due to bugs in the mesh.
Increased poly density with new road noise.
New road mapping, dynamic track, groove vertex paint.
New curb texture with worn curb shader
New scratch built 3D wall mesh and mapping.
New custom wall textures.
New scratch built fence mesh and mapping.
More accurate pit lane entry.
New 3D pit wall rail.
Reiza garage details
Track edge lines and pit lane markings rebuilt. Using Patricks original road markings.
Track side and bridge adverts adjusted where needed with new textures.
Start lights converted to Reiza standards in a more realistic position.
New and improved AI, support for 36 cars with 12 pit boxes. The first 24 cars will park in the main garage, additional cars will park in front of the secondary garage.
Cut track detection is calibrated. Corner apex is rigorous, runoff is a bit more forgiving.
Lots of small issues fixed and details added that didn't make the change log.

Special thanks and credits to Reiza for their graphics technology, garage objects, and base textures modified for use in the track surface, curbs, walls, and adverts.

Please use the support forum for any issues, and be sure to leave a rating / review when you can.




Melbourne v1



Hi everyone.
I am proud to propose you this Melbourne for AMS; Proud because it was not a piece of cake ^^. Very old mesh from GP4 initially released by Euroracers who kindly gave me permissions to use their version.

I have tried to respect the actual layout in terms of sand traps, road marks, curbs, etc. Road marks were a lot of work as it is a street circuit. Some marks are erased for the race so I used some vids to see what is exactly present the day of the race.
Road mesh was also a big work because of the poor mesh "reolution" of the initial version (turns). I have also modified the pit entry but I could not reach exactly the real configuration.
Others things has been updated to AMS standards as much as possible. I really like this track in F1 and superV8. Did not test other cars there.
I hope you will enjoy it :)
2 seasons and DRS for F1 fan.
I also added the random skies.
For offline racers, please be more patient.

Thanks to Euroracers for permissions
Thanks to Denis for loading screens
Thanks to Luigi for his fantatsic cams, it is a lot better with his precious work
Thanks to Gringo for AIW and TDF

Latest updates

  1. Track crashing AMS fixed, Wall textures brigthness increased, LOD tweaks

    Melbourne v2.1 (Melbourne_AMS_V2.10.7z) MD5 = DD7EFE4E836EFCF2DFC2A05939EDA761 Fixed the AMS...
  2. Updated road textures and shaders, 3D walls, Improved pitlane, Reiza garage details

    Hello AMS racers, Here we have another intensive track rebuild. Melbourne Albert Park v2 for...
  3. Grass updated and updated temperatures

    Grass updated and updated temperatures

Latest reviews

The summer version works but the spring version does not. Also, the circuit is only used at the end of summer/autumn.

Deleted the older version and installed, had a ER_CommonMaps.mas error.

Deleted those files and reinstalled the old track (made sure it worked) then installed this over the top and had an error loading mesh file SKYBOXI.GMT to memory error.
Patrick Giranthon
Use the support forum for help with installation errors.
Thank you Patrick & co for all your hard work!
Great work, looks and drives fantastic as always.
Thank you so much, Melbourne is always a great experience to drive!
Uh! Beautiful track ,,,
Congratulations on the beautiful work, as always. And thank you for sharing. ;)
Thanks for the update.
Much appreciated, always on the ball, thank you!
away is the flickering - nice update as always Thank You
Thanks for another Great Update. Every one of your tracks are top Notch
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.00
God luv ya....Thank you and much appreciated as always good sir.
Thank you very much for a great update.
Very nice job! your work is at AMS level, thank you for that great track :)
Still one of my favorite tracks and thanks for all the noticeable changes, very nice improvements.
Awesome work as usual. Thanks!
GOOD MOD! But how to install? The mine is not working. :/
Patrick Giranthon
Did you put the folder in gamedata /locations
Thank you!
Thanks for a great update.
Excellent! Thanks!
Nice work, top
Patrick Giranthon
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