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Max Verstappen helmet V 1.0a

Helmet Max Verstappen

  1. Franske
    Since F1 2015 is moddable with Petar's EGO ERP Archiver
    and driver-helmets have the same formatting as in F1 2014 , is was easy to make Max Verstappen for F1 2015.

    Thanks @Petar Tasev
    Enjoy Franske

    F1_2015 2015-11-02 17-43-02-05.jpg F1_2015 2015-11-02 17-44-18-72.jpg F1_2015 2015-11-02 17-44-20-72.jpg F1_2015 2015-11-02 17-44-21-27.jpg F1_2015 2015-11-02 17-44-22-34.jpg F1_2015 2015-11-02 17-44-23-55.jpg
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