M3 e92 GT2 ES - Fantasy creation 2017-04-11

Skin for the M3 e92 GT2 Endurance Series

  1. François Strat
    Hi everyone \o/

    What is it ?
    It's a free interpretation using a logo that I created few years ago !

    Skin specs
    - "HD" 4096x4096 (I assume it can kill some FPS with a low end PC)
    - Clean version
    - Dirt version (as close as possible looking like a car that ends a 24H race) ...
    (to alternate, in the garage, click on the left or right arrow in front of "VARIANTS", down right in the menu)
    - Dirt version have dirty windshield and front lights... Proud of it :-p



    Known problems
    - At night, the front gets too dark when you are in the lights of another car
    - A little "gradient shadow" from the bottom of the windshield, that darkens a bit too much ! (seems not to be a skin problem)
    - No work inside the windows, because the creator of the car "forgot" to gave access to this part, as well as the wheels and tyres.
    - Very poor 3D model, so it looks good, in my opinion, only with full details (again, FPS killer) - Not caused by my skin of course ^_^

    The skin have my name and my number-plate on it ... if you would enjoy using the skin, I can totaly change, Number, Name and Flag, on demand !! [​IMG]
    And for those who can edit a PSD, I can totaly give you the template with no number, flag or name on it.

    Copie "Settings" in rFactor2/UserData/player/, then accept to merge them when windows asks !
    The team should appear at the end of the BMW list, named M3E92 GT2, ES_GTE

    Every feedback is more than welcome !
    Hope you like it \o/

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Recent Reviews

  1. samcar304
    Version: 2017-04-11
    Really awesome looking skin, Dirty version looks amazing! battle hardened like its been through hell.

    If you don't mind, I am getting in to painting skins myself and i just love the look of the dirty cars rather than really clean ones. Is there any special way to add dirt layers like you have done?
    1. François Strat
      Author's Response
      Hello :D

      First, thanks a lot for this wonderfull feedback \o/
      Second, I added dirt just by looking at 24h race cars and trying to reproduce it on photoshop ^_^... took time, but worth it !

      Now, I can give you my .psd, so you can try to take some of my textures and adapt it to your skin :D

      Just give me your e-mail in MP if interested ;-)


      PS : When I find time, I'll update this skin to DX11 standards (now it looks like the car is one big light bulb o_o )
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