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Level 100 & Unlock Riders 1.0

MotoGP unlock

  1. Lukilla
    Get 100 level in sp and unlock all bikes and riders.


    1.- Backup your DATA.MIX file in your game folder.
    2.- Unpack 100Level&Unlock bikes and riders DATA.MIX to your game folder and overwrite.
    3.- Go to a race and finish it in any position, it should give you 100 level then.
    4.- Let the game autosave and quit.
    5.- Restore your original DATA.MIX file.

    Greetings!, Lukilla.

Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you for this patch so I can unlock all bikes easily hurt that by replacing the original data.mix back to be level before
  2. Blahonga
    Version: 1.0
    Great mod.. since I hate to unlock crap in any game/sim
    There shouldn't be a need of this wonderful patch.. if M*lstone weren't so awful!
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