LEADER (Panoz) n°13 & n°22 skins for VRC Pavey Longhood S

LEADER (Panoz) n°13 & n°22 skins for VRC Pavey Longhood S 0.95

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Hello everyone !
Here is my first public skins for the VRC Prototype Pavey Longhood S (Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S).
They're the Leaders n°13 and 22 from the movie Michel Vaillant.
I always wanted to drive one of theses cars in a movie since I'm a kid, so I decided to try to create my own.

Due to the fact I'm a rookie about creating skins, this is not the right model compared to the film, and also VRC templates gives me some difficulties, there still some mistakes.

EDIT : V0.95 ! This Time I added new tyres skin made by myself !

I hope you guys like my work !




Neko Taisen
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  1. VRC Pavey Longhood LEADER (Panoz) new tyres skin

    I added a new tyres skin made by myself, it is not really clean but this time, this is my own...

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now, we need the Lola B98/10 with the Judd engine (also DAMS) and we can replicate the movie :D

maintenant, on a besoin de la Lola B98/10 avec le moteur Judd (aussi DAMS) et on peur refaire le film :D
Neko Taisen
Neko Taisen
Aaaah si seulement ! Je me suis tâté de faire sur l'Audi R8 mais ... Naaan, mauvaise idée x')
Thanks a lot for updating your skins ! ;-)
Neko Taisen
Neko Taisen
Avec plaisir ! J'ai encore des choses à apprendre, mais je suis content des résultats !
Great work for these characters created by Jean Graton, such memories here !
Thank you very much ! ;-)
Neko Taisen
Neko Taisen
Thank you mate ! I hope you like them even if there are some mistakes ^^
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