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LCR Honda Skins Update LCR Malaysia Skins

LCR Honda Skins

  1. CalicoJack
    all LCR Skins from Qatar to Brno.

    Included GIVI, rizoma, Linear, Unibat, elf and WCM Skins

    Install the file with ReMixer. Rename Skin of you coice into Bike310 and overwrite it.

    31.08.2014 * U P D A T E:

    All changes are considered, even small logos, at front and rear Fender, difference considered "CWM WORLD.com" and "CWM FX.com" Catalunya skin corrected! Butterfly of Abu Dhabi @ Qatar skin added!

    14.09.2014 * U P D A T E:

    Now all LOD Files are included
    Misano Skins with all changes included

    28.09.2014 * U P D A T E:

    Aragon Skins with all changes included

    10.10.2014 * U P D A T E:

    Motegi Skins - Phillip Island (same Skin) with all changes included,
    seperated Brno-Silverstone Skin,
    Silverstone, Misano and Aragon Skin fixed
    the ".com" Font size at front (above number)!

    18.10.2014 * U P D A T E:

    Australia GP has no Bike Changes from Japanese GP
    Motegi = Phillip Island Skin

    24.10.2014 * U P D A T E:

    Malaysia Skins with all changes included

    08.11.2014 * U P D A T E:
    Valencia GP has no Bike Changes from Japanese GP and Australian GP

    Motegi, Phillip Island = Valencia Skin

    Season complete



    1. 05.jpg
    2. 06.jpg
    3. 07.jpg
    4. 08.jpg
    5. 09.jpg
    6. 10.jpg
    7. 11.jpg
    8. 12.jpg
    9. 13.jpg
    10. 14.jpg
    11. 01.jpg
    12. 02.jpg
    13. 03.jpg
    14. 04.jpg
    15. LCR Malaysia.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. DidiSabin
    Version: LCR Malaysia Skins
  2. Matthew327
    Version: Aragon included
    Excellent, thank you very kindly.
  3. rkh
    Version: Aragon included
    Amazing as usual!! Big Thanks!!
  4. rkh
    Version: 2014-08-31
    Niiiiiiice!!!! Great stuff, mate!
    1. CalicoJack
      Author's Response
      Thank You!
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