Lancia Delta s4 Alternative sound 1.22

Lancia s4 new motor sound

  1. Dsasd
    New sound file for the lancia delta s4



    1) First! rename the old file in Dirt > cars > models > lds > bundles

    4cyl_tb_s_delta_s4_dd.bdl to 4cyl_tb_s_delta_s4_dd.bdlOLD

    2) Place the new file in Dirt > cars > models > lds > bundles

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Recent Reviews

  1. jpmmuc
    Version: 1.22
    Thanks! I like the new sound, a little to much hall for my taste
  2. thewarmer
    Version: 1.22
    Thanks to CM's un-williness to talk to the many owners of these legends instead saying working one are to hard to find or the owners are unwilling to bring their cars to CM's studio to record the sounds are such weak excuses . the plain fact are that several cars are still running in a very healthy series of events that are run for these & other period legends. across Europe.

    Funny how a bunch of modders working on a WRC mod for AC can get access to these cars with their audio equipment in the their own free time & out their own back pockets.

    While at the same time Dirts Developers can not be bothered. Just shows the different level in passion from true Rally fans & those just trying to sell a product at a profit.

    I know CM made a good rally game this time around but next time put some more leg work in with the sounds .

    At least this time around they did not put a V6 sound in for the Lancia 0.37 has they were guilty of back in the older days of there rally games.

    Good effort trying on your part with sound swapping but with out replacing the complete sound files its the best we will get for now,
  3. andrew84555
    Version: 1.22
    Sounds good, just wish the sound of the super charger could be better captured on the S4 and 037 in DiRT.
    1. Dsasd
      Author's Response
      Thx i think i be covering the whole b group cars beacose let's be honest they don't sound all that good in this game.
  4. pedro272
    Version: 1.22
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