Jordan EJ13 Classic livery 1.0

Jordan '03 season livery

  1. Karlito
    Hi all!
    As the title says, this is livery for Jordan EJ13! It replaces lotus, but if you want, I could change the chassis to another team (write me in the coments below if you want). Also, tell me if you want a full team update (garage, driver suit, sponsors, drivers,...). I hope you like it!;)

    Just copy an erp file to the game folder (I made a way for those who don't know how to install mod).

    P.S. (This is my first livery mod ever :))




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Recent Reviews

  1. nomisp
    Version: 1.0
    A Really great Livery, could you do it for the Haas,Manor or Force India? A Full Team? ^^
    1. Karlito
      Author's Response
      Thanks man! I don't think that is possible to do because all three cars that you tell have a stupid mirroring. But I can try do that if you really want it. Only little problem is that I right now work on F1 2017 performances so I will need to find some free time for this.
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