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J2M Racing Richard Mille 997 GT3 RSR 1.0

#67 Mechanism Camo livery from 24 Hours of Le Mans 2014

  1. Erg
    Screenshot_porsche_997gt3rsr_snetterton2011_15-9-115-16-50-35.jpg Screenshot_porsche_997gt3rsr_snetterton2011_15-9-115-16-51-57.jpg Screenshot_porsche_997gt3rsr_snetterton2011_15-9-115-16-54-38.jpg Showroom_porsche_997gt3cup_15-8-2015-15-59-38.jpg

    This is a replica, mechanism camo placed randomly. Not the exact same with original one.
    It's tested with both 997gt3rsr and 997gt3cup mods.