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Increased Tyre Wear

Increased Tyre Wear 1.0

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Greetings to all,

The first warning is that this little MOD is not realistic, however I like to propose more wear to the tires so that in the race there are at least 2 stops for each driver (I play races at 50%).

Second warning: this first release is only a test, I understand if you don't like it or it doesn't work perfectly yet.

At this moment the MOD has the wear multiplied by 2.4, it seemed to me a good number so that in most races the first 10 drivers are not affected by starting the race with used tires.

I remind again that this is only a test for those who are interested in testing and refining the MOD little by little and for any race distance.


Qualifying type: short or one lap.
Strategies: Just remember(AI manages tires much better than most of us haha).
Pitting: When your tire is more than 70% worn go into the pits to avoid the risk of a puncture. (If you want to risk one more lap at least save in the middle of the session).
Free practice: It is recommended to do the race strategy so you can plan your strategy according to the wear of the track.

Installation: Just copy and paste into your steam folder where F1 2020 is located.

Recommendation: Save the original version of tyrecompound.erp

Thanks to StrongerFish for his recommendations and for making similar mods in previous versions of F1 .

Thank you very much and I look forward to your feedback to improve.
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Latest reviews

This mod does what it says it does which is great. It certainly spices up races However not sure if this mod is only intended for fully upgraded career mode cars since that is the only way the races are 2 stops on 50% distance.

My only issue with the mod is the fact that the AI will always double stack which effectively ruins some of their races. But since this is a game issue rather than the mod I still give it 5 stars
I really appreciate it, I'm working on new race distances. I don't understand about the AI doubling. There are drivers that I still don't understand how they manage to pull off one-stop races. Kimi is one of them
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every race theres 4-5 pit stop the soft ones last 2 laps..
I disagree with your qualification. I think I emphasize very well that the mod works for 50%. If you play at 25% it's obviously not going to be the same.

However there are circuits of circuits for example the tires in austria last much longer than in baku. They are all different.
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Excelent little mod, easy to install, works fine with 50% and 100% races, great for spicing up the career modes.
Thanks for the comment. I haven't had much time lately. But I'm working on making it work for shorter distances :)
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