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Inanimate Carbon Mod (carbon14 visual tweaks) v1.02

lightning and color tweaks for Assetto Corsa

  1. JonZ
    the Inanimate Carbon Mod is a mod that apply graphic tweaks to improve the game lightning and look.


    Here are the key points features of ICM:

    - Rewrite lights intensity and ambient lights
    - no excessive use of blooms
    - Color calibration based on race footage and real life references
    - Full color spectrum - no de-saturation trickeries
    - Realistic car reflections and clouds
    - Sharper details (may require a slight more powerful machine)
    - different pp files for different usage such as photography, with more or less contrasts/temperature.
    - new intro movie
    - SweetFX optional
    - few different pp files to suits user's taste.

    How to install:
    Simply extract to the root of Assetto Corsa folder.
    Run JSGME tool in root, install the weather you want, then the game is ready to run!

    New default pp file is included, make sure your pp is set to default.
    You can browse the new pp sets with the game app process filter.

    ICM photographic may require a powerful machine, use it at risk.
    the mod was thoroughly tested on official tracks, it may not work on community tracks.

    Some screens:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    V1.00 may have compatibility issues with Windows 8 OS. Do not install SweetFX or uninstall SweetFX.
    If AC is not launching (crash on start) remove dxgi.dll and degi.fx and see if it solve the problem.

    - May not work well with community tracks.
    - Kunos PP filters may not be compatible
    - To change weather type, you have to do it manually every time with the JSGME tool.
    - Auto exposures and results may differ on different resolution, especially triple screen. May appear too bright or too dark. You may suggest your own setting.
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Recent Reviews

  1. betometal
    Version: v1.02
    Only a day without your settings and I miss them.
    An update would be great to see the game as before the new version of game.
    Overexposure is now exaggerated, and I see not very real tones of color.
    I think thst many people will appreciate an update.
  2. Riorlo
    Version: v1.02
    So sexy! Great work.
  3. Alessandro Dias
    Alessandro Dias
    Version: v1.02
    Its absolute amazing the results. As as Photographer I can't THANK YOU more!! Results are amazing! I can't play at desire FPS but for some fun and great replay this is AWESOME!! Only issue I found so far is that (very sadly) can't record using Open Broadcaster Software. As soon as I click Preview Record or Record the asc.exe crash immediately. Any thoughts?
  4. Charles Amyouni
    Charles Amyouni
    Version: v1.02
    Thanks for making the SweetFX Windows 8 Compatible!
  5. Champion Hero
    Champion Hero
    Version: v1.02
    Seems very nice, but I can't get it looking anything like the screenshots.

    The virtual mirror is also totally overexposed - any way to fix that?
  6. Grand Tourist
    Grand Tourist
    Version: v1.02
    Best graphics evr for AC!!
  7. ApoFys_
    Version: v1.02
    Look good but is it compatible with an oculus rift ?
  8. Aitor Martín
    Aitor Martín
    Version: v1.02
    Looks great, but I don´t get the headlight effect in the last two pictures. Maybe I didn´t install it properly.
  9. tubarao2007
    Version: v1.02
    How can I disable or desintall?
  10. myeongji SEO
    myeongji SEO
    Version: 2014-12-22
    absolutely superb
  11. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 2014-12-22
    Oh this is a pro's mod. Impressive graphical improvement, superb community presentation.
  12. cubadoo1
    Version: 2014-12-22
    Simply the best !
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