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Hulk's GRID Autosport lighting MOD 1.1

Tweaked version of Codemaster palettes.pssg with warmer and less saturated colors

  1. Incredible Hulk
    v1.1 update
    added VINTAGE lighting option

    Recently I decided to give Autosport another chance and now I’m actually enjoying endurance and even think blurred cockpits are cool :)

    Anyway, while there is nothing wrong with default GRID Autosport look, I find some darks too blue and some colors to much saturated, so here’s my small attempt to make it even better.


    - Tweaked version of Codemaster palettes.pssg with warmer and less saturated colors
    - No performance impact
    - Affect all tracks lighting
    - work with other mods

    - Copy palettes.pssg to “…GridAutosportData/postprocess” folder. Backup original first!

    GRID-Autosport-mont_tremblant-lighting-mod-VINTAGE.jpg GRID-Autosport-mont_tremblant-original.jpg GRID-Autosport-San-Francisco-lighting-mod.jpg
    GRID-Autosport-San-Francisco-lighting-mod-VINTAGE.jpg GRID-Autosport-San-Francisco-original.jpg GRID-Autosport-Indianapolis-lighting-mod-VINTAGE.jpg GRID-Autosport-Indianapolis-original.jpg GRID-Autosport-Indianapolis-lighting-mod.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. theravenousbeast
    Version: 1.1
    small change but I love it.
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