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HRT FormulX Energy 2019-08-08

Bring the best energy of the world in F1! LOL

  1. Yann Asdelion
    This is the livery of FormulX Energy for the HRT Car/Chassis.
    If you don't understand the reference, this comes from a group named FormulX and they parodied the Rich Energy Gate to make the FormulX Energy! This is a french parody group for F1 i'm in.

    PS: This is my first skin, so if it's not perfect, i can understand. :) I do my liveries on paint.net. Anyway, enjoy that one if you take it. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. BdF Nox
    BdF Nox
    Version: 2019-08-08
    I want more ! lol ^^
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