Honda Racing F1 06 China GP Livery 1.01

555 world racing livery that Honda Racing team used in 2006 chinese GP

  1. jburon72
    This is another version of my 06 Honda Racing F1 livery.
    This is the one they used in 2006 Grand Prix of China.
    whats in it:
    -they used a blue and yellow color scheme with the 555 racing logo replacing the racing revolution icon.
    -the skin is not 100% accurate due to limitation with the UV mapping.
    -car livery
    -driver suit
    -car selection screen
    - replace 2006 renault

    - its manual install so you need the erp archiver to install it.
    (to avoid any error with mipmaps etc..)
    - please read the install file for instruction
    - do not re-upload
    sample images:

    -in game
    -driver suit
    car select screen
    If you need assistance in installation or suggestion don't hesitate to message me using the support tab on top.


    -if you enjoy my work and wants to support me, you can do so by clicking below
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