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Honda Integra Type-R DC2 gearbox & engine mod 2015-08-26

Modified engine & gearbox to better match real life performance

  1. FoRmaTiTo
    The Integra DC 2 that's available on the net tops out at around 180 km/h and is very sluggish.

    I played around with the power curve of the engine and the gear ratios, the car performs a lot better now. The top speed is now around 235 km/h, which is also more true to real specs.

    Instructions: Unrar the file into the data folder of the Honda, overwriting old files.

    Have fun :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lily Starfox
    Lily Starfox
    Version: 2015-08-26
    Nice, the car does feel much better now! Only one problem... There's no sound since Assetto Corsa reached v1.2... So now this car also needs its sound to be updated...
    (I know about the sfx fix, but I prefer when cars are being updated lol)
    1. FoRmaTiTo
      Author's Response
      Yeah, but that's not really up to me, since I am not the creator of the car. I decided for myself that I'd bite the bullet and apply that sound fix, if it will let me play around with more cars. It has not affected any of the official cars or other mods, so I'm happy enough. This file will of course only be useful for people who like me applied the fix.
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