High Resolution Mirrors Formula Truck 1.0

Higher resolution mirrors giving greater detail

  1. Rob Fitness
    I do not own Formula Truck but have been advised these work just as well in Formula Truck. The readme is for GSC2013 however i am assuming you follow the same install procedure and apply to your Formula Truck install paths instead. Enjoy!!

    Hi Resolution Mirrors Mod for GSC 2013
    by R1 Robbie

    These .BMP's will give you better Resolution in your rearview mirrors.

    the sizes increase by %50 scaling up from the default resolution of 2048x128






    Place the .bmp file you wish to use into your C:\GSC2013\GameData\Vehicles (obviously selecting your relevant install path)

    Rename the .bmp to just be called:- MIRROR.bmp

    <<<< Disclaimer >>>>

    yes a FPS hit will be taken. select a resolution suitable for your system :)

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