Helmet Raikkonen 2009 for career. 0.5

Helmet Raikkonen 2009 for career.

  1. talisman
    Hi Guys, you remember that the helmet had Raikkonen in the 2009 season? In my opinion one of the most beautiful, also exhibited at the gallery of Champions in Maranello. I Designed sponsors in 2016 and use it in his career, also entered helmet 2016 season.


    1. 20160729115525_1.jpg
    2. 20160729115528_1.jpg
    3. 20160729115531_1.jpg
    4. kimi 2009.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. ClimaxF1
    Version: 0.5
    Something special, very good my friend
  2. NeffO76
    Version: 0.5
    again excellent looking helmet. For the Kimister
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