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Helmet Pack HD & SD 1.0

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Here we go:

The 1st helmet pack for F1 2013 will replace the GEN1 to GEN16 helmets. The helmets work with or without fins (bespoke model).
There is a HD (4096x4096px) and SD (2048x2048px) version.
Also included are the helmet previous for the menu.

The second pack will include the rest of the teams, like TR and McLaren.

Just drop the files into the F1 2013 steam folder and replace the existing ones.
Back up your files before installing this MOD.

Special thanks to ML for the models and feedback

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Latest reviews

Amazing !! What program do you used to create the helmets ? Continue the amazing job !
Well done. Thanks for sharing these helmets.
Dude these helmets are really cool , good job. I like n.14 yellow ferrari .
PS. cant wait for the 2nd part
amazing ;)
Great job m8. Looks amazing
GEN7 is daft punk right? lol
Great great job. Looks so amazing an pro.

Also, one of the designs -with inverted colors- replaced my helmet design ;).
nice work
Nice job mate, outstanding work
Very very very good!!! I use the Gen 16 helmet in my career and i love it! Thanks! :)
wow thank you
I'm shocked! Thank you! I'm a miserable student in comparison with you!
Simply AMAZING!!! The Daft Punk one is the best!!!!!!! Great job!
Well done! ;-)
WOW Awesome Mod :)
Top job....from the pinnacle of modding talent. No one does helmets like one even comes close.
the best ! super helmets HD !
Amazing work