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GPX Gulf Porsche GT3R Targa Florio tribute liveries

GPX Gulf Porsche GT3R Targa Florio tribute liveries 1.0

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Tribute liveries to Porsche's first and second place finishing 908's in the 1970 Targa Florio. These liveries were run by the GPX racing team in the 2020 season. Not meant to be exact duplicates as the body differences between the 2016 and 2020 GT3Rs are significant.
Use one, use both; I tried not to overwrite other painters liveries so adjust the XML as needed. Enjoy.
*Copy extracted files into \vehicles\textures\customliveries\overrides\porsche_991_gt3r

Automobilista 2 3_17_2021 12_28_10 PM.png

Latest reviews

Very nice!
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Great Skin, many thanks, maybe a bit of work on the blue colors a bit too shiny contrary to the real cars, i post a pictures on the discussion thread, but very good job thanks :)
Thanks for the feedback. The amount of gloss (shine) is not something livery painters have much control over in AMS 2. Other games like Assetto Corsa for example do have that flexiblity but to my knowledge not AMS 2, at least not yet. The exact shade of blue is something we can change and I saw the picture you sent along with many others in my research but the exact color shade will be different depending on the lighting and conditions of the photograph. Even if I degloss the paint in Paint.net the game engine will render it glossy.
If there is a technique for doing this I'm unaware of I hope others will share it here.
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nice skin , good work , thanks
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