FOV changer (v1.0) 2015-07-24

Program to customize FOV more than the in-game slider, any vehicle, any camera, any FOV.

  1. Th3HolyMoose
    DiRT Rally Field of View scaler
    Small python script utilizing Ryders BXML Converter to let you easily change the field of view angle on any car, any camera on the car, to any specific field of view. Either one vehicle and one camera standalone, or every camera on every vehicle, very simple. Allows for some crazy fast-looking rallying when you approach the hundreds of degrees.

    Simple install: Place files unzipped in DiRT Rally/cars/models/
    Installation and info in the readme.txt. Uses a customized version of Ryders BXML Converter, all creds with that to him, would not be possible otherwise. The program that comes with this package disabled the end prompt for a keypress and also fixed the -c command arg. If this isn't okay to do with the program, then I'll take it down, but didn't find anything about that.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jacob Hartel
    Jacob Hartel
    Version: 2015-07-24
    i found a factor of 1.33 good for me took me a bit of trial and error.
  2. Dom2611
    Version: 2015-07-24
    A ahndy little tool for fine-tuning FOV. It does need some instructions on how to use it though - Good Work!
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