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Formula RSS 3 V6 - Fantasy BrawnGP Livery 1.0

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v 1.0

Fantasy livery based on BrawnGP

Unzip/copy "content" folder into the Steam\common\apps\assettocorsa folder

Thanks to:
Kunos Simulazioni – Assetto Corsa
Race Sim Studio – for this car and ALL their cars, very highly recommend buying them.

This livery is done by a photoshop hobbyist in my own time for recreational pursuit (HA! Lol) and is intended for personal use only and not to be used for commercial gain. (instead of painting bowls of fruit, I like to paint cars)
Do not host this file anywhere else.

Rob Fitness
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Latest reviews

you really did it, thank you, the best very good skin excelente quality
i really enjoyed, in the future , if you want, make one for the lotus T125, there is already one brawn skin for that car, but it is in low resolution. So if you feel like doing a brawn GP for that lotus i would be very very happy
one of the best skins i ve ever seen you are really good
Good looking skin! Thank you
many thanks! please do a 2-car team :)
Nice job, thanks a lot!
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