Formula Hybrid 2018 | McLaren MCL 33 2018

Formula Hybrid 2018 | McLaren MCL 33 2018 2.1

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Completed Abu Dhabi pack:
Updated Alonso's skin
Added Vandoorne's skin
Adjusted base color as suggested by ClimaxF1
Added Alonso's special livery. I doesn't include Vandoorne's version, I'm waiting for more pictures (and more time:D) to complete the Abu Dhabi livery pack. This update is just to upload a first version of the Alonso's livery, so it still needs some little adjustments. I'll try to upload the final update in few days. Hope you like it;).
Added Brasil Version
This update include only brasil skins, if you want to download all versions I've done just download the previous version here
Added gloves and driver faces
Small update also on suits
Added France version
Added also Logitech logo on steering wheel
-Adjusted a little bit the orange color.
-Fixed the position of the Kiwi logo.
-Added Vandoorne helmet.
Yes, again. Thanks @asehauDLM :)
Ver. 0.9.5
-Fixed Alonso T-Cam color (thanks to @chargingcar for the texture file and to @hurricaneman for reporting it )
-Adjusted some logos positions
-Adjusted orange color (now it's more orange:D)
-Added McLaren Kiwi logo
Another big thanks to @asehauDLM !
Ver. 0.9
-Fixed logo positions in both versions (Base and Australia)
-Added missing logos
-Added blue effect
-Now you can see Alonso's helmet
A big thanks to @asehauDLM for reporting all errors:laugh: