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Formula 79 Helmets 1.5 FINAL

Now includes 13 helmets for the Formula 79 mod

  1. Keke Rosberg and Nelson Piquet helmets added

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  2. Corrected a couple of helmets and added one.

    Added helmet for Jochen Mass
    Updated Jean-Pierre Jabouille and James Hunt.
  3. Corrected a couple of helmets.

    Apologies for another update but I uploaded the wrong versions of Jacky Ickx and Jaques Laffite's helmets. These are the replacements. 001.jpg
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  4. Formula 79 Helmets x10

    Added 6 more helmets bringing the total to 10.
    Added a higher quality Jacky Ickx and Jaques Laffite for the Ligiers.
    Added Jean-Pierre Jabouille
    Also added 3 more helmets for use when the skins may arrive for them, they include:
    Ronnie Peterson
    James Hunt
    Niki Lauda
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  5. Didier Pironi, John Watson, Elio De Angelis & Ricardo Patrese Helmets. For Formula 79 MOD

    Updated Pironi glass and added helmets for Elio De Angelis and Ricardo Patrese which are more like the ones seen in 1979/80
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